Wednesday, 27 April 2011

BRAND NEW Sweetie Cake

My sister turned 25 this week and has been complaining that I haven't made her a birthday cake. She does live in London, which makes it difficult, but she was home this year. So I decided to make her a cake. The biggest cake I have made so far.

A 4 tier sponge cake, covered in buttercream and decorated with sweets! 

Each layer consists of a sponge split in two and filled with either raspberry jam or lemon curd. Each on it's own board for ease of serving. From bottom to top, the cake sizes are: 9", 8", 6", 4".

Each sponge was smothered in vanilla buttercream and decorated, ready to be assembled at the party venue.

Top tier - Sugar paste hearts & Love Hearts with piped buttercream & candy covered chocolate pearls
Sugarpaste Happy Birthday banner

From Top to Bottom, the sweets I used are:
Love Hearts
Candy covered chocolates (similar to smarties)
White Chocolate Jazzies
Dolly Mixtures
Fizzy Astro Belts

And no birthday is complete without candles - and these were some pretty spectactular ones. Although they did set off the smoke alarm!! :)

I really enjoyed making this cake. It was lovely to try something new & I had a lot of great feedback - yes, I know it was mainly family members, but they can be quite harsh at times.
If you would like a sweetie cake of your own, please get in touch. They can be any shape (round, square, heart-shaped, hexagonal) and size, and as many, or as few, tiers as you like. You could even match it up with some sweetie topped fairy cakes. I can use your favourite sweets, match to a colour scheme or theme of your choosing, and can supplement it with sugar paste decorations & banners.

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  1. Wow! What a spectacular cake!

    I hope you're marketing this service far and wide Rhian because the whole world should witness your fabulous creativity.

    Let's meet for coffee somewhere, other than the office, teehee, for a marketing session ... if you'd like?

    Bet your sister was ecstatic!